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Come Play With Us!

The Willamette Falls Symphony has openings for the 2019-2020 season

Positions available for all strings and percussion. Works to be performed include Beethoven 7, Schumann 1, and music of Lain American and women composers.

✓No audition required, but players must have sufficient skill to play standard orchestra repertoire (including some fairly difficult music—think college level.

✓4 classical concerts each season and 1 optional summer outdoor pops concert.

✓Qualified students (age 12 or older) welcome.

✓No fee.

✓Players are eligible to enter our own Concerto Competition.

✓Small string and wind ensembles encouraged, with occasional performance opportunities for qualified groups. Large string chamber music library available to players at no charge.

✓Rehearsals are on Thursdays 7:00-9:30 PM at the United Methodist Church, 18955 S. South End Rd. in Oregon City.

Other reasons to consider joining WFS

  1. Financial Stability. This orchestra has been here for over 30 years and is here to stay. An enthusiastic and dedicated board has seen to it that we are in the black every year. Thanks to a dedicated and enthusiastic board and generous donations from them, our audience, and many of our players, we have been in the black every year.

  2. Grants have allowed us to acquire a good sized music library and equipment that most community orchestras do not own, such as our own stands, timpani, and a wonderful new bass drum.

  3. We are one of the best community orchestras in the area and play great music. Some of it (such as the Firebird) is considerably more difficult than what most community orchestras will tackle so at times we have to struggle to meet the challenge, but we always manage to do it, much to our delight!

  4. We are a friendly and fun group (including our conductor, Mark Perlman). This is not a cut throat competitive orchestra, but a helpful encouraging one. Strings are not necessarily arranged according to ability. All players can demonstrate their proficiency to all if they wish by entering our player concerto competition held every 2 years. Our success as an orchestra is in large part due to a great deal of player participation in the running of the orchestra. Players are represented on the board along with community members and are heavily involved in the details of running the orchestra. In addition, occasional player surveys allow players to express their opinions to the conductor and the board.

  5. We have a stable, enthusiastic audience that normally pretty well fills seats at concerts, and our summer outdoor pops attracts about 1000 people.

Please call 503-957-6161 for more information.

Quotes from our June 2015 player survey

“An outstanding community orchestra! I could not imagine a more caring, talented group of people to support my music.”

“This orchestra has changed my life.”

“Not only are we playing music that is on par with what even the professional groups are doing, but we often do works that aren't heard as much, so we're fill a much needed niche in the areas overall music picture.” 

“I am learning pieces with which I have until now been unfamiliar. Some of it is...ambitious, to say the least! So when we pull it off—which we usually do, sometimes surprisingly—I feel great.” 

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June 6, 2022

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