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Board of Directors

Chair                            Carol Dumond

Vice Chair                    Allan Stocker          

Secretary                     Eileen Threefoot 

Treasurer                     Susan High

Orchestra President     Suzanne Chimenti

Orchestra Director       Mark Perlman

Members at large:       

Kelley Elliott

Allan Stocker

Molly Dies

Music Director & Conductor

Dr. Mark Perlman

Orchestra Managers

Jay Baker - Equipment Transport                    

Molly Dies - Social Media, Audience Contact

                   List, Grants

Bob Eaton - Program Notes    

Kelley Elliott - Assistant Librarian

Mary Misbeek - Donor Liaison

Miranda Moy - Flowers

Katherine Rhee - Concert Program, Posters

Advertising Manager - Dan Schulte

Martin Sobelman, - Small Ensemble Coordinator

Rachel Thoroughman – Librarian

Publicity Coordinator – Eileen Threefoot

Vacant - Auction. Coordinator, Stage Manager

Friends of the Orchestra
Oregon City United Methodist Church
Community volunteers whose invaluable assistance helps make the WFS possible.

Jacque Arellano

Jay Baker

Michael Breckenridge

Carol Forncrook 

Valorie McQuaid

Nancy Mikleton

John Ronfeld

Ed Warmoth

Bruce Webber

David Threefoot

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